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Multimedia Design Online program

Multimedia Design Online program

Multimedia Design online program

This course includes Graphic-Design, Web – Design, Gif Animation, Flesh Animation, 2D and 3D Animation, Video Editing, Internet technology and Internet Commerce.
Would you like to be able to create real websites? Now it is possible! First, we will teach you how to compose the HTML code and afterwards introduce you to the most used program by professionals, named Adobe Dreamweaver. Moreover, you will learn how to use Adobe Photoshop, and be able to create 2D and 3D animation, as well as, compose and edit Videos. Plus, you will be able to work with Wacom Pen Tablets, which is the most precise instrument to edit photographs and make your Website stand out with the use of Flash -the most desired animation technology.
You will learn how to prepare advertising flyers and brochures for print and Web.

Who is this course best suited for?
This course is suited for anyone who is interested in Web-design, Computer Animation and Internet.

Length and Duration of this Course

This course is designed for two school years:

Year 1. 24 weeks

This portion of the program includes the familiarization with the Internet Technology, which encompasses Graphic-Design, Web-Design, Gif Animation, Flash Animation, 2D and 3D animation, Game Creation Technology, Video Editing – as well as, Internet Technology and Internet Commercials. Throughout the course, students create professional assignments, including paid work!

Certificate Project:
This includes the creation of a real Website, which is based on the learned material and hand-on technology. The Website is then published on the Internet!

Year 2. 24 weeks

This course focuses on Dreamweaver Advance, CSS, Flash Advance, Action Script, 3D Studio Max Intermediate, Video for Internet Intermediate, and the adjustment of the created Websites for such search engines as Google.

Internet Technology is learned and developed at an intense level. The study is based on individual projects, for which each student develops his/her own theme and publishes it on Internet with continuous updates. Parallel to the main curriculum, students are given the chance to work with real clients and complete paid projects for them.

Certificate Project:
Creation of Flash Websites with the implementation of Advance technology and publication on the Internet.

Upon completion of our computer game design course, students will receive a Certificate in The Video Game Design.


Course duration is 2 school years.

Online Classes take place once a week. Each class is 1.00-1.5 hours.

The cost of training is $249 CAD per Month. 3 Month Minimum payment to begin the Course. 10% Discount for 6 Month payment.

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