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Web design – one of the most promising areas of modern computer technology. More and more opportunities are opening in modern web technology. We pay bills via the internet to order tickets for a plane or a movie, making plans for the weekend. And what opportunities are open to us in 5 to 10 years? If your kid sits for hours browsing his favorite sites, chatting online with friends and watching video clips, then he will surely enjoy the course offered at Teens Computer School.

Teens Computer school offers a training course in which students will study basic graphics programs such as CorelDraw X3, Adobe Illustrator CS3, Dreamweaver CS3, Adobe Flash CS3 and many others.

Already a few months after starting, students of the ages 12 to 14 at Teens Computer School will be able to create their own site, develop Flash animations, and host the site on the internet using professional FTP programs. During school holidays they no longer have to make money at McDonalds, but can now make money as Flash or Web designers.

Who this course is for:
For anyone who is intrigued by Web Design technology and Flash Animation and loves the internet. This course does not require any level of computer knowledge and will be interesting to newcomers as to experiences internet users.

Live far from Toronto, Chicago and New York ? No problem! Check information about our On-Line course


The course lasts for 24 weeks. Classes are held once a week and the duration of each session is 2.00 hours.

Tuition is $59 for a week.

Starting time: New courses start every four weeks. New students take a placement test and are placed in a group at a suitable level.

Schedule and place:
4544 Dufferin Str. Suite 204.

Number of students: 10 – 12 people. Two teachers per group.
Call Teens Computer School at 1(800)286-2241(647) 3004453 to clarify the information.


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