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Electrician’s Helper Training Program

Begin a Career as an Electrician after a High School

The Electrician’s Helper Training program designed for High School Students and covers electrical installation, operation, and maintenance for residential and commercial buildings. Trainees gain a deeper knowledge of safety, tools, print reading, electrical principles and measurements, functions of components, equipment and motors, wiring, and the Canadian Electrical Code.As with all of our training programs, the Electrician’s Helper courses have a significant amount of both lecture and actual hands on training.  Topics covered in this training include:

  •  Basic Electrical Theory,
  • Conductors and Insulators,
  • Ohm’s Law,
  • Series and Parallel circuitry,
  • A/C and D/C electronics,
  • The Canadian Electrical Code,
  • Transformers Generators and Electrical Motors,
  • Poly-phase Electrical Theory,
  • Power Distribution and much more.

Laboratory exercises include wiring basic residential circuits including 1,2,3 & 4 way switches, Sub-panels, main distribution panels, generators, various electrical equipment, bend conduit, troubleshooting common electrical problems, schematic and plan reading.  Students will be tasked with installing and troubleshooting common residential and commercial circuits in our newly created full-size mock-ups.
The course also teaches our students how to work with high and low-voltage wiring.

Expect successful graduates to be able to:

  • Select  the correct practice to avoid shock when using electric tools and working with electricity 
  • Recognize  the basic electrical symbols used in electrical schematic diagrams and wiring plans. 
  • Explain  how voltage, current, and resistance are related, 
  • Use Ohm’s law to solve electrical calculations, 
  • Describe  how to bend and install conduit, wiring, and cables in residential circuits. 
  • Identify  and learn to install various types of control devices, including hand operated switches, automatic switches, magnetically controlled devices, and remote control systems.
  • Explain  when and where cable, conductor fittings, and conduit fittings are used in electrical installations.

Careers Available

Electrical helpers are employed by electrical contractors, electrical repair facilities, hospitals, factories, apartment complexes and other maintenance companies.


As with our other training programs, the Electricians Helper Training Classes are held once a week from 5:30pm to 7:30pm, for a total of 40+ weeks.

Recommended Courses and Skills

There are no prerequisites, but a strong mechanical ability is very important.

Helpful Personal Attributes

Should have the ability to work in a team environment, be organized, detail-oriented and problem solving.

Duration and costs:

The course lasts for 40 weeks. Classes are held once a week and the duration of each session is 2.0 hours.

Tuition is $59 for a week.

Classes are forming now so don’t hesitate. Check our schedule page on the website for specific class dates.

For more information contact Technical Skills Department Coordinator at (647) 3004453

Electricians Salary in Ontario by Years Experience

The Course starts Friday January 4, 2013. There are no prerequisites other than a desire to study and Work hard for a better future

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