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Frequently Asked Questions about Summer Camp

Frequently-Asked-QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions about Summer Camp

1. What are Teens Computer Summer Camps? 

All our camps are designed to inspire youth to get outdoors, continue to study modern technology, computer and since, make friends, play, connect with nature and discover our beautiful Canada and all North American continent.
2. Can my child be in the same group as a friend or sibling? 
Camp groups are arranged by age. If friends are registered for the same camp and are of a similar age they will be in the same group. If friends are different ages, we will do our best to move the older child to the younger group.
3. My child is not quite the right age for camp can they come anyway? 
Teens Computer Summer Cams will accept campers that are 6 months away from the age stated for your chosen camp.
4. Are camps running on public holidays? 
All overnight  Camps in Canada and USA will be operating during public holidays.
5. What should campers bring to camp? 
Each camp option will provide a basic kit list based on the season. For both summer and winter camps we recommend the following:
  • As Canadian weather conditions change rapidly, dress your child in layers and waterproof clothing.
  • We recommend packing sunglasses, sunscreen a hat and extra socks.
  • When there is snow on the ground during spring and winter camp, we recommend snow/waterproof boots, gloves a toque are required.
  • If you are taking part in our overnight camps program please bring a small back pack.
6. How and Where do I drop off my child for camp? 

 The camp administration will inform parents in advance about  a flight number and a day when their children supposes to live Toronto. A group of children from Toronto to Tallahassee (Florida) will be accompanied by an employee of the camp , which will make sure that the flight will be comfortable and fun. He also takes care of the meeting with the camp staff , which will meet the group at the airport in Orlando.

Parents of children who come from other cities will receive information about day when their children should arrive at the  Tallahassee (Florida) airport   where they will be met by an employee of the camp.

7. Where do I pick up my child from camp? 
Parents or guardians can collect their youth or child who living in Toronto at the airport or in the school office. A group of children from  Tallahassee to Toronto will be accompanied by an employee of the camp.
8. What is the Camp Leader to camper ratio? 
We aim to maintain low camper-to-staff ratios according to ensure the highest quality of programs. For our campers 8-16, we have a maximum ratio of 10 campers to 1 staff member.
9. My child can’t make camp because they are sick, what options do I have? 
Teens Computer and Sport camp will happily invite you back to another day of camp later in the week/month. If a child is sick during the last week  of camp a camp credit will be recorded. This will give them the option to attend future, summer/spring break camps.
10. Do Teens Computer Camps lend themselves for multiple weeks of camp? 
Yes, our camps are designed to follow a unique theme and activity each day. This makes the program perfect for multiple weeks of camp. In the past campers have chosen to repeat for several weeks because they enjoyed meeting new people or wanted to share the experience with a friend. We do our best to put repeating campers in leadership roles, giving them plenty of room for growth.
15. Can my child bring a knife along to camp? 
No, we do not allow knives at camp. If a child arrives at camp with a knife, a camp leader will hold on to it and return at the end day. Safety is a big priority for all of us at Teens Computer Summer Camp. We have lots of other exciting and safe equipment to use at camp!
17. Will my child get put in a group with children their age? 
We do our best to ensure that groups are matched by age, allowing us to adjusted activities accordingly for maximum fun all-round.
18. What are the after hour’s activities? 
The After Camp Activities are chosen by those attending. Campers will have both indoor and outdoor activities to choose from.